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Sailing holidays in West Cork sailing holidays in West Cork, Ireland
Baltimore Yacht Charters

Sailing past the Fastnet Lighthouse on yacht Inishbeg
Bavaria 50 Cruiser Inishbeg
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Weather Forecasts

Synoptic Charts T+84
Today's analysis chart and synoptic charts up to 84 hours ahead in colour from the Met Office.

Synoptic Charts T+120
Today's analysis chart and synoptic charts up to 120 hours ahead in black and white from the Met Office.

Mean Sea Level Pressure Charts from the ECMWF
Charts from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts showing the progression of weather systems every 24 hours up to 240 hours ahead.

Pressure Charts from MSW
Some of the best charts available showing the progression of weather systems every 3 hours up to 180 hours ahead.

Met Eireann
Sea area forecast from Met Eireann.

Rainfall Radar
Watch the progression of rainfall as it approaches and passes over Ireland. Radar images are shown for the past three hours in 15 minute intervals as an animation and show the intensity of the rain in varying colours.

Shipping Forecast
Shipping forecast and gale warnings for your particular area. Again we would always check the sea areas Shannon and Fastnet. This site is much improved and quite user friendly.

Great site for predicting wind speed and direction anywhere in Ireland/UK.

Wind Guru Windspeed
Another great site for predicting wind speed and direction and especially rainfall. When you compare their predictions of Rainfall as warm and cold fronts pass over us you will find that they are very accurate in both the time and intensity of the rainfall.

Windfinder Wind and Weather
Eight day Wind and weather forecast for Sherkin Island. Includes wave height and direction, precipitation, air temperature, etc.

Irish Weather Buoy Data
Information includes wind speed, wind direction, maximun gust, wave height, atmospheric pressure, sea temperature and air temperature. Very good for comparing trends with other forecasters.To use click on the buoy in your area of interest and you get the preceeding 24 hours information which is updated hourly.

WeatherOnline Wind Speed & Direction for 7 days
Another wind predictor for any sea area. Click on the sea area and then click on wind forecast day and time. You can get a prediction for up to seven days ahead every three hours.

Tides for your Local Port
If you want the time of high and low water and the tidal curve for the next 7 days, click this link. Gets rid of all the secondary port calculations if you are not in a primary port. Times are given in local time.

Above are some of our favourite forecasters, however if you think we omitted any other good sites, please contact us.

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